Friday, February 24, 2012

Maze of clubs

Maze of Clubs
Whenever you are in any kind of gambling or casino environment, there is always the element of the suits of playing cards. Here we have a large optical illusion poster of the Suit of Clubs, like a three leaf clover. The optical illusion pattern here is rendered as an below frame vanishing points with borders of the subject mattered depicted by alternating the polarity of the lines, hence causing you to see the shape of the subject matter, but less prounouced against the over riding pattern. This maze is not just good ol' casino art, it is also a use full tool in understanding the basics of playing cards, gambling and the social aspects of everything that might entail. Want to solve the maze? Then find the entrance and exits, marked by arrows, and then the path that connects them. Good luck.

Can't solve this maze or perhaps you've solved it and are ready for the next maze?
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The solution to the previous maze, the letter c maze is below: